• Harness the power of P2P Gaming in
    Battledogs Arena
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  • Manta Network is the Modular L2 with ZK-as-a-Service
    Backed by Polychain & BinanceLabs for its gaming effiency
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  • Apexchain leads the gasless narrative
    Play at zero cost to experience GameFi at its finest
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  • Base is a low-cost high speed Ethereum Layer 2 solution
    incubated by Coinbase and built on the open-source OP Stack
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  • OKT Network is highly efficient almost neligible gas Layer 1
    backed by OKX and built on Cosmos and built for true IBC interoperability
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  • The Mantle Network is one of the leading web3 L2 infrastucture secured by Ethereum
    supported by Bybit and decentralized via a 2.5 billion web3 BitDAO ecosystem
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  • The Core Network is a Bitcoin-powered, EVM-compatible chain by Core DAO
    that combines delegated forms of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake
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  • Linea is a developer ready zk rollup powered by Consensys
    built for the next generation of Ethereum builders.
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  • The Build 'n' Build network is a swift low-cost EVM Compatible Layer 1
    Proof-of-Work a decentralized data storage network
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  • Arbitrum Nova is a high-performance alternative to Arbitrum One's Layer-2 solution
    built for gaming and under the control of Arbitrum's Data Availability Committee.
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  • Polygon is one of the first scalable ethereum Layer-2 solutions
    now expanding its technology into privacy by introducing zero-Knowledge to its stack.
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  • The Opbnb Network is an optimisic rollup on the Buidl 'n' Buidl network
    built for gamefi and gamblefi
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  • Scroll is a standalone native zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine
    built for privacy and speed
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  • zkFair is the first Zero Knowledge project built to be run 100% by the community
    with 100% fair token distribution and fees to the ZKF community.
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