Frequently Asked Questions in the Battledog Coreverse

"A1: Coredog NFTs can be leveled up or activated up to earn more rewards in the game. The more activity a Coredog has, the more valuable it is. Over time this value becomes a passive way to earn income in GAME mining by playing, so a lot of newcomers would have a keen eye on snatching early Coredogs who have activity in the arena. This effectively translates that the secondary market for Coredog NFTs with good user activity will be skyhigh. As they say, like fine wine Coredogs combat NFTs only get more valuable the more battle hardened they are. welcome to the Era of P2P gaming"

"A2: Weaponizing or Regenerating your Coredog is only recommended when you're out of attack points, for without attack points you can't attack another NFT. Similarly, without defence points you can't debilitate another NFT. Weaponizing and Regenerating give you no payouts in the game as this is solely a self-help service, but every time you chose to weaponize or regenerate your NFT, you receive 20 points accordingly."

"A3: Yes it's possible but that would expose all the players, including yours. This game's strategy is hunting and gathering and involves hiding in the crowd (safety in the open). You won't want your Coredog progressing nicely to be up for grabs by dispassionate attackers when you get back to the game now, would you? Likewise everyone else. Soon patterns are formed. Strategies are cultivated. Recurring attacks between enemies go back and forth. Gamers band together to watch each other's interests when they are away from the game. Boom! Factions are formed. Alliances are forged. Armies are made. You would hope to find some attack remaining your opponents missed everytime? This ensures people earn their points based merit by working to seek who's open to attacks. You need to work for the funds you pick up which makes your NFT of any level all the more worthwhile. This is the nature of P2P GameFi where everything is on the line, zero-sum."

"A4: No the only requirement to claiming the game you mine while playing the game is that you have activated your Coredog to at least a tier of 1 (that is your Coredog is in the Arena)."

"A5: Your levels and Tiers are eternally yours. They never decrease. The only thing that decreases could be your attack or defense power. Other Coredogs can zap it any time"

"A6: First, you need to ensure you have approved the appropriate allocation of GAME tokens in your wallet to be burnt for Levelling up your Coredog. Use the approve function found on the Level up section."

"A7: The timelock is the amount of time that elapses before you can make your next rewards claim or token withrawal. For Game token staking this is set at 24hrs after you've deposited tokens to be staked, or after you've claimed a reward. For LP staking, it is only 2 hours after you've deposited."

"A8: This is your current estimated reward at present. It updates every minute or so, but whenever you're clear to claim your rewards this is the amount that would be claimed."

"A9: Usually this is the smart contract saying you're doing something wrong and will always reject this transaction, most times it's you putting the cart before the horse by omitting a step before being able to achieve this. Otherwise, it means that transaction is not possible at the moment. So you need to quickly read through the very short game manual and you'd figure out where you missed it."

"A10: In Coredogs Arena we do not technically call it staking. Technically, we know it as HARVESTING gameplay tokens and FARMING GAME from your gameplay activity. So please Harvest and Farm accordingly. You can harvest tokens by ensuring you're on the Game section when you click Farm now. Same for LP, by clicking the thunderous switch button to the side of your screen that switches from GAME staking to LP staking. You can stake each individually or both, depends on your preference. Do not forget there is a timelock for staking."

"A11: Very often at launch, it costs around $2 to Mint your Coredog."

"A12: Very often at launch, it costs around $2 to activate your Coredog for the first time."

"A13: No, it is not a must to activate immediately. Yes, you can activate your Coredog NFT any time you want. As long as you've not activated an NFT, that particular NFT will stay out of the Coredogs Arena until you are sure you are ready to begin fighting others. Do note that once you activate your Coredog, that's it. You're now active in the Arena and can never become inactive again."

"A14: By hunting the scoreboard & picking a fight. In Coredogs Arena you need to hunt for your wins. That is hard but very rewarding thing to do. Follow our video on How to Find an Active Coredog In The Arena on the website video tutorials section. Coredogs live by hunting and gathering."

"A15: Weaponizing or Regenerating your Coredog is only recommended when you're out of attack points, for without attack points you can't attack another NFT. Similarly, without defence points you can't debilitate another NFT. Weaponizing and Regenerating give you no payout benefits in the game as this is solely a self-help service, but every time you chose to weaponize or regenerate your NFT, you receive 20 points the required field accordingly."

"A16: Scores on the Scoreboard scores aren't determined by how you perform in a regular score by score base scenario. These scores are tailored for the specialized way Coredogs interact with each other. They are determined by how many points are available in your attacks and defense, so every time you either tier up or level up, a significant number of your score will reset to the lowest value since you are essentially starting battles afresh on a new tier or level. In that sense, we do not adopt the traditional score approach. This infomation can be an edge."

"A17: First visit Sphynxlabs to provide LP as you normally would. This action would send some LP tokens to your wallet. Next, stake these LP tokens by visiting Coredogs Arena, go to Harvest and switching from GAME token Staking to LP token Staking. Insert the amount of tokens you want staked and click FARM NOW. It's that simple."

"A18: Visit our tutorial section on our webpage for How To videos on each activity possible in Coredogs Arena. Our youtube channel, is filled with tons of multichain material that are similarly helpful. We are constantly updating and adding more videos."

"A19: Absolutely. Cashing out pays you what you're owed in the game from all your wins, so yes it does."

"A20: No not double but a linear increment. When you level up your Coredog to level 1, you will pay the standard fee in game. To level your Coredog to level 2/level 3, you will have to pay 2x/3x the fees respectively. It is a progressive increment."

"A21: No, Leveling up gives you attack power over other NFTs of lower levels and allows you take 20 points from them making winning fights against these lower-level opponents easier. On the other hand, Activating up or (Tiering up) gives you mining power on the number of GAME tokens you can mine every 6 months. so someone at activation 5 tier is mining some sweet rewards soon other NFTs of lower tiers can never mine"

"A22: No activating up does not boost your level, it only boosts your game mining rewards."

"A23: Yes you can move your NFT from one wallet to another. And no, you do not need to activate again. All Coredog NFT data belongs to the owner of that NFT."

"A24: Unlike Attack or Defence points, once you claim a level or tier, it can never be taken from you. It is eternally yours. Wins can also never be taken from you except you spend them Activating Up or Levelling up."

"A25: No you can add as many GAME tokens as many times to staking, but do be aware your timelock will prevent you from withdrawing or claiming rewards until the timelock has expired, so you need to wait 24 hrs to claim your next rewards or withdraw your staked tokens."

"A26: Activating up your Coredog NFT tier essentally forfeits your last 5 wins but rewards you by ensuring you mine a larger allocation of GAME rewards than NFTs of a lower activation tier. This reward is dripped to your wallet at a higher ROI than the cost of burn and spread out over 6 months and the cycle repeated eternally during that marketing phase. The more you tier up, the more GAME tokens you progressively can mine each week."

"A27: There is no limit to how high you can go but your available resources."

"A28: Coredogs Arena was designed to reward economic energy by hunting and gathering. It rewards alertness, consistency and strategy, but similar to the blockchain trilemma problem, you can have all three most times. You can have 2 most times, but hard to have all 3. Taking time to hunt down your marks and appropriate targets is a proof of work proven onchain that can never be taken from you. The goal is to have vast armies of Coredogs where we all get lost in the crowd so whenever a NFT claims tokens, we all know that Coredog worked hard in their spare time for these tokens. Games who automate these things die naturally as soon nobody is making any money as everyone is implementing the same tool and this actually favors those of high financial capacity, but much like bitcoin mining, proof of work levels out the playing field. And Coredogs Arena mimics the retention rate of all great GameFi projects that have come to stay; the retention rate of a working professional. This is the entire economic concept of Coredogs and P2P gaming. The work done, the profit achieved. There is no easy money, and playing Coredogs is all about earning real money. Even our P2E model commands respect as it does cost you time, energy and resources. These things can never be understated and makes every Coredog NFT out there a valuable one."

"A29: Yes, Coredog NFTs are standard ERC721 game NFTs. You can sell them on any traditional NFT marketplace that supports the chain they are on. Additionally, they are dynamic NFT because of their constantly evolving metadata according to the actions you take in the game recorded onchain so are fully On-Chain Assets (OCA)."

"A30: Definitely. Whatever ways you attained GAME, either by mining or purchasing them off the open market, you can stake them for a share of the platform fees."

"A31: They are 100% unequivocally burnt by the contract."

"A32: It varies. We can't calculate a given apy since unlike traditional models since game staking is set up to earn an external token, and not inflate our GAME token supply. This is a huge edge but ensures the apy depends on the fees generated in the game which increase with gaming volume, but we are working on integrating a meaningful index can help you measure profits in staking."

"A33: No, all staking is done inside Coredogs Arena. Game staking and LP staking is done in Coredogs arena. Go to the Toolspace at the bottom of the Menu to stake your GAME tokens for token rewards. Or stake your GAME-OMNIA LP for 1% of all txs on GAME token."

"A34: You win funds when you register a win in Coredogs Arena. This money pooled when Coredog NFT combat each other in the Arena and being a zero-sum game for crypto, even it is in little txs worth cents, it all adds up big time for our winners. They can chose to send the funds to their wallet or spend it on giving more value to their NFTs"

"A35: No extra cost associated with moving or transferring your Coredog OCA NFTs between wallets."

"A36: APY rich mining doesn't include Tier One activation tier but allows you access to mining some game tokens and let's your Coredog into the Arena to engage other Coredogs in zerosum combat for crypto. A good point to note is that Coredogs NFTs at tier 0 mine no tokens."

"A37: The In-Game timelock is an Anti-bot feature. Once each Coredog completes 1000 transactions, players need to use the timelock to unlock their NFTs to play more. The NFT has a 24 cool down period before it can play again. In those 24hrs, since this takes each Coredog a long time to call this function, if we suspect that NFT of a bottled history, it can get blacklisted by the Coredog DAO."

"A38: Your Coredog begins the game with 100 attack points and 100 defence points. Whenever you increase these points by an additional 100, you can claim either an ASSAULT win or a DEBILITATE win. Either counts as a win for every 100 points you collect from opponents or whatever strategy you choose to approach the game with."

"A39: No you cannot mine GAME without activating your NFT. Much like the requirements to withdrawing BLOCK tokens, players who have at least activation tier 1 when they activate can mine and withdraw these game tokens to their respective wallets after the timelock expires (usually weekly). Very the requirements for withdrawing BLOCK tokens. The more activation tiers you have and the more activity your NFT has, the more tokens you can mine."

"A40: Certainly, you can add to it! But, remember you'll be resetting your timelock to a week later to claim all your pending rewards. Best practice would to claim any rewards you are entitled to if you haven't claimed before adding to your stake."